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Arche De Wiskentale
Christoph Wiesner
Wischathal 20,
A- 2013 Göllersdorf
Phone :     0676 54 95 344
Email :

We try to work and keep the farm in a circle and self sufficiency. WE produce our own food and feed for the animals, mostly. We do not spray and fertilize with chemicals. For the fertilizing we use the manure from our animals.
Since Sept. 2016 we do our own diary. Milk, cheese and yoghurt,...
In the next years we will replant all the old abandoned vineyards. And start to produce wine.

Opening hours :
Depends on the season
Only with appointment by telefon

Offer :
Workshops of Sausage making
Workshop "How to slaughter your own chicken!"
Workshop " Homeslaughter - processing from nose to tail"
From November-April

Events :
from April - September

More Infos :



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