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Provinciaal Domein Bokrijk
Jef Van Meulder
Bokrijklaan 1,
B- 3600 Genk
Phone : +32 (0)11 26 53 61    
Email :

Officially, this splendid Open Air Museum lies on the territory of the city of Genk, in the "Park Midden-Limburg" but it is close enough to Hasselt to consider it one of the major attractions in the region around Limburg´s capital. The domain of Bokrijk is some 550 ha large and consist of woods, gardens, farmland and ponds. The large playground is a real treat for children.

Most of all, the Bokrijk Open Air Museum is known for its magnificent collection of old Flemish houses and farms. A large part of the Flemish countryside must have look like this around 1850. You can walk through the entire park and admire the cottages and farms of the different Flemish provinces : East and West Flanders, The Campine region, Brabant, and of course Limburg.Since a few years, also a small old city can be admired, with a café in a cellar included. In some of the houses local people portray the old professions of way back when (farmers, barbers, shoemakers, basketry makers, and so on...). In some of the farms restaurants have been installed, so that the visit can be combined with a good healthy traditional Flemish dish.

The arboretum comprises 18 ha and was established at the beginning of 1965. It was initially designed as a Systematic collection, but in 1985 it was transformed into a landscaped garden with a mixture of trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants. Separate from the arboretum, in another part of the domain, is an herb and vegetable garden, and an historical fruit orchard.

Opening hours :
The Open Air Museum is open from March 29 till September 30, every day from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m. The free playground, the Arboretum and the new walking route "Kiewit-Bokrijk" are accessible throughout the year.

Admission price :
Sundays and Bank Holidays :
Adults € 10, groups and seniors € 8,50, children between 6 and 12 : € 5
July and August : every day :
Adults € 10, groups and seniors € 8,50, children between 6 and 12 : € 5
Weekdays in April, May, June and September :
Adults € 5, groups and seniors € 4,50, children between 6 and 12 : € 2,50

Events :
Plantendag 1 mei
Dag eetbaar landschap (second sunday of september)

Infrastructure :
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