Towarzystwo Przyjaciol Dolnej Wisly , PL 86100 Swiecie ( last change : 31.08.2017 14:46:32 )

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Towarzystwo Przyjaciol Dolnej Wisly
Jaroslaw Pajakowski
ul. Sadowa 5, Skr. poczt. 110,
PL- 86100 Swiecie
Phone : +48-(0)52-331 50 00    
Email :

Promote the natural, historical and cultural values of the Lower Vistula. Promote the principle of ecologically balanced development. Protect the biological, scenic and cultural variety of the Lower Vistula Valley. Inspire, support and complement government and self-government initiatives in this area within the scope of natural and environmental protection and the preservation of cultural requisites. Strengthen local and regional identity.
Field of responsibility: Old, rare apple-trees and plump-trees
Main focus: Safeguard bio-diversity of cultivated plants

Offer :
Pomologia Systematyczna. Local nursery.



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