Botanical Garden of Vilnius University , LT 10239 Vilnius-40 ( last change : 16.12.2016 09:50:23 )

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Botanical Garden of Vilnius University
Kairenu 43,
LT- 10239 Vilnius-40
Phone : +370-5 2193133    
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Collections of fruit plants are located in Department of Pomology of Vilnius University Botanical Garden. The goals of department are introduction and selection of small fruit plants, micropropagation in vitro. At the present time the collection of introduced plants contains plants of 14 genera, 105 species and 747 cultivars from 27 countries. The cultivars are estimated according to descriptors, selection is carried out in collections of Chaenomeles Lindl., Lonicera L., Oxycoccus Hill., Ribes L., Vaccinium L., Vitis L., Sorbus L. Part of those collections are Lithuanian origin and are part of Lithuanian Gene Bank collections.



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