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one of the explication stations
Centre Pro Natura Champ-Pittet
Champ Pittet,
CH- 1400 Yverdon-les-Bains
Phone : +41-24/423 35 70    
Email : champ-pittet@pronatura.ch
Website: http://www.pronatura.ch/champ-pittet

Located in the heart of the « Grande Cariçaie », the largest lakeside marsh area in Switzerland, Champ-Pittet gives you access to this natural gem on the southern shores of Neuchâtel lake. Pro Natura looks forward to welcoming you whether alone, as a family or as a group.

"The garden of yesteryear"
Vegetables grown by our grandmothers, multicoloured clumps of flowers, aromatic herbs, the garden of yesteryear greets the visitor of Champ-Pittet with charm and seduction. Our garden, composed of old and resistant varieties, does not require applications of either chemical fertilizers or chemical pesticides.

"The garden of feelings"
With its four squares, the garden of feelings reminds one of gardens of the Middle Ages, of farmers´ traditional plots or even of Moroccan gardens. Devoted to feelings of love, this garden represents four expressions (romantic, passionate, inviting and sorrowful) through several short stories. According to the tradition of the language of flowers, each plant symbolises a specific feeling. Hence it can convey joy, candour or passion of love for those, who initiated, can interpret the messages. Sometimes, only the colour or the shape reminds one of a specific mood: bright yellow for happiness, its growth habit for inflexibility, ….

"The garden of the deliciousness"
On 4 ha above the Champ Pittet castle the center could resume a fruit culture with high trees as well as a historical garden with 1600m2. It is called now garden of the deliciousness. The plant covers a culture of old varieties and savage kinds (fruits, vegetable, etc.) and extends thus the information offer within the range of the ecological garden work. With its old varieties at fruit and vegetable, with its medicine and smell plants the garden of the deliciousness addresses all senses.

Opening hours :
From 21th of March to 8th of November 2009, Tuesday through to Sunday from 10h00 to 17h30.
Open on public holiday Mondays

Admission price :
Adults: Fr. 8.--
Children up to 16 years: Fr 6.--
Students, pensioners: Fr. 7.--

Special rates for families and groups; free for members of Pro Natura upon presentation of the membership card and for “Les Amis du Centre”, Passeport Musée and Raiffeisen customers.

Infrastructure :



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