Eco-Frontiers Ranch , PL 38-710 Czarna ( last change : 23.05.2019 11:05:27 )

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Eco-Frontiers Ranch
Dr. Andrzej Czech
Michnowiec 37,
PL- 38-710 Czarna
Phone : +48-601//91 29 65    
Email :

The Eco-Frontiers Ranch is unique private farm located in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains. This intimate, tranquil retreat provides the perfect combination of relaxation, discovery, adventure, cultural insight, organic farm life, ecotourism and environmental responsibility. The natural beauty that surrounds you enables to escape, get positive energy, and unwind.

Here everything which is possible and viable is being done to care for environment. Established on abandoned, post communist agricultural land, the Eco-Frontiers Ranch, totally off-grid, tests best practices in model combining of traditional wooden architecture, modern technology to produce renewable energy, wastewater recycling, organic farming, protecting and maintaining local biodiversity and cultural heritage. This is the first and only such place in the World.

Opening hours :
8 AM - 8 PM

Admission price :
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Offer :
Wildlife Tracking, Explaining The Nature, Tours - local places of interests, Sports, Horseback riding, Woodworking lessons, Cooking lessons, Organic Gardening, Astronomical observations

Restaurant, Description :
Only for Eco-Frontiers guests

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