Collezione San Lorenzo di Lerchi , I 06121 Perugia ( last change : 13.01.2008 00:13:25 )

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Collezione San Lorenzo di Lerchi
Dr. Isabella dalla Ragione
Via del Paradiso 4,
I- 06121 Perugia
Phone : 0039 - 75 - 517 21 90     0039 - 075 57 27 534
Email :

For many years the association Archeologia Arborea has been searching for rare and forgotten local fruit tree varieties and species with the goal of rescuing them from extinction by using local knowledge and people´s memories of lost flavors and tastes.

This search for old fruit tree varieties started about 25 years ago, in the upper Tiber valley arising out of an interest of folk traditions, local cultivation methods, as well as the local food history. The primary and most practical goal of the research was to concretely rescue these plants by visiting abandoned properties, parish gardens, and orchards of monasteries, above all of cloisters. Much information and data used in our research has been collected by consulting ancient agricultural manuscripts, as well as textbooks from professors of agriculture who traveled the region long ago, and from topographical maps.

The collected materials throughout the years have formed A RICH COLLECTION that is located on the premises of our small farm. This farm is located in the village of San Lorenzo di Larchi. We grow our trees by applying traditional local methods and these trees have become an integral part of a historical agricultural landscape of rare beauty and uniqueness.

Opening hours :
the collection can be toured only by reserving a visit from April to October.

Offer :
We also conduct educational activities for schools of various grades (elementary, junior high, and high school), as well as for groups that promote the sustainable conservation of the environment.
In addition, we offer consultation to rescue, or replant old varieties of fruit trees and plants. We also assists clients in restoring old family orchards with traditional local varieties.



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