FATTORIA DEGLI ANIMALI ASSOCIAZIONE NATURA PER TUTTI ONLUS, I 00055 Ladispoli RM ( last change : 19.03.2019 05:59:40 )

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Località Monteroni pod.1265 Via di Ceri,
I- 00055 Ladispoli RM
Phone : 0039.     0039.3313921324
Email : info@fattoriapertutti.it
Website: http://www.fattoriapertutti.it

The "Animal Farm" was founded with the aim to raise awareness, preserve and enhance the reality of the immense wealth of biodiversity of domestic animals. The farm is a project "open", a teaching laboratory and experimental open-air in which to experiment, apply and implement environmental education and pet therapy activities.
The “Animal Farm” is managed by Association Natura per Tutti Onlus since 2006.
The Association “Natura per Tutti” Onlus aims to spread culture and behaviour in harmony with the environment and nature.
In particular “Natura per Tutti” means:
a) raise awareness and respect for animals, plants, nature and environment through education and information activities;
b) promoting the enjoyment of nature for the disadvantaged through the implementation of rehabilitation activities in the fields of natural.
The Association realizes Projects and cooperation within rehabilitation programs for disabled people. The Association organizes guided tours and classroom activities with each class of school system coming from the whole of Latium; it also organizes guided tours for adults and children in the following foreign languages: English, French, Spanish, Polish.
Natura per Tutti also places Protected Areas management programs and scientific researches.

The "Animal Farm" is an environmental education centre dedicated to the biodiversity of the agricultural world, with particular reference to indigenous domesticated breeds in danger of extinction. In our structures we realize educational workshops for schools based on the knowledge of rural biodiversity and the importance of conserving species at risk.
About 3000 students a year attend our facility and participate in our laboratories, the activities are very diversified.

Opening hours :
it is possibile to visit our farm every day by contacting us at phone number or email

Infrastructure :

Dimension : 3 ha



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