Fattoria didattica Cascina Bricco , I 10022 Fraz. S.Michele a Carmagnola ( last change : 16.01.2009 01:51:24 )

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Fattoria didattica Cascina Bricco
Villois Antonio
Via Palazzotto, 21,
I- 10022 Fraz. S.Michele a Carmagnola
Phone : +39-335/53 44 409     +39-011/9771920
Email : info@cascinabriccovillois.it
Website: http://www.cascinabriccovillois.it/

First reason for the achievement of a teaching farm consists in the leading role of farming in this place, and it represents the best way for getting to know the agricultural world to students, citizens and consumers. It help them to discover the origin of feed, the rural uses and the secrets of nature that is still unknown for many people.

The Didactic path winds along:
=> the didactic vegetable garden divided in lots of 4 x 10 m. with the cultivation of the main vegetable of the area (asparagus, carrots, cabbages, cauliflowers, beans, string beans, long sweet leeks, marrows…) and aromatic plants with the organic farming system.
=> the didactic greenhouse of 10 x 3,5 m. where are cultivated four varieties of peppers (Peperone di Carmagnola Quadrato, Lungo Corno di Bue, Trottola and Tumaticot).
=> the didactic orchard composed by old varieties of apple, apricot, persimmon, cherry, peach and plum trees;
=> the didactic rettery for hemp (Cannabis);
=> two fish ponds where are reared tenches (Tinca gobba dorata del Pianalto di Poirino) and carps;
=> the wood made stables and pastures for some specimen of rare breeds of Piedmont.
=> a didactic area partially covered used for the realisation of didactic laboratories;
=> photovoltaic panels on the roof of the cattleshed;
=> an amusement park for children and a large parking.

Offer :
- The Information and reception point of Po Park and RARE (Razze Autoctone a Rischio di Estinzione). This room fitted out with teaching materials on the river and the wood environment and with popular poster on the livestock rare breeds reared in the farm and others rare Italian breeds.
- The Exposition show, tasting room and shop centre: this room is assigned to the sale of the Cascina Bricco farm products and others typical products of Carmagnola agriculture.
- The Teaching Centre is bounded by a hedge (about 1.500 metres) composed with local shrubs and trees.

Restaurant, Description :
A wood made kiosk as place for eating or shelter from rain

More Infos :
Expected benefits
- Promotion and valorisation of local products;
- Promotion and valorisation of farms breeding rare breeds;
- Creation of a tourist flow interested to agriculture and animals;
- Exploitation of alternative and na

Infrastructure :
  Imbiss/Kiosk  Picknick  Kiosk-Verkaufsladen-Hofladen     

Dimension : Didactic Centre: 6,3 hectares; total: 37 hectares



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