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Jardines de Alfabia
Ctra Palma-Soller km 17,
E- 07110 Bunyola - Mallorca
Phone : +34-971 613 123    
Email : info@jardinesdealfabia.com
Website: http://www.jardinesdealfabia.com

The gardens of Alfàbia are of Arab origin and formerly served the Moorish ruler of Mallorca. During the recapture of the island by the Christians, the owner did not oppose the new masters, which is why he was not expropriated and thus the gardens were preserved. The garden is still a model of Moorish horticultural art: avenues of date palms, ponds with water features, terraced rocks, palm gardens (including the rare Garballons Palmitos, occurring only in Mallorca, which are under protection). More than 40 tree and shrub species thrive only in this Mediterranean ambience.

The magnificent 12th-century mansion now houses a small museum. In the attached historical finca island-typical old livestock breeds are bred, like the black Mallorcan pig, the Ibiza- and Mallorca-goats, the Mallorcan sheep and much more. Due to the island situation with early minimal contact to the mainland, a number of autochthonous breeds had developed.

Opening hours :
01 April - 31 October: Monday-Sunday 09:30 - 18:30
01 - 31 March: Monday-Friday 09:30 -17:30; Saturday 09:30 - 13:00; Sunday closed
01 November - 28 February: closed

Admission price :
€ 7,50
Children up to 10 years: free



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