Museo agricola El Patio , E 35558 Tiagua (Lanzarote) - Islas Canarias ( last change : 17.01.2011 16:26:56 )

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Museo agricola El Patio
Echeyde 18,
E- 35558 Tiagua (Lanzarote) - Islas Canarias
Phone : +34-928/52 91 34    
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Discover a world full of wisdom, legends and magic. It is for us a double satisfaction to be able, on the one hand to show you what agricultural life was like at the beginning of the last century in Lanzarote and, on the other hand, to introduce you to a Theme Park and Museum of Rural Culture which are not on the usual tourist routes. It is a place where peace and tranquility may be enjoyed, We propose to take you with us on a journey into the past. It will be a study full of meaning and rich in contents.

In El Patio, you will be able to appreciate an ancient farmer’s house dated from 1840 with all its typical furniture and utensils set in the oldest and biggest agriculture cultivation of the island. In our wine cellar you may savour the different types of wine (Malvasía, red Wine and Moscatel), as well as goat cheese, all produced in our farm. El Patio still grows the most traditional cultivation such as fruit trees, cereals, tomatoes... and breeds animals (camels, goats, chicken... ), in an agricultural landscape showing the best example of human integration to nature. You surely will observe all this going for a walk through our gardens.

Opening hours :
Monday – Friday 10.00-17.30 hours.
Saturday: 10.00-14.30 hours.

Restaurant, Description :
In the canteen you may taste here grown wine and typical Canarian dishes

Infrastructure :



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