La Casa de los Arribes , E 49232 Fornillos de Fermoselle - Zamora ( last change : 26.10.2008 19:58:03 )

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La Casa de los Arribes
Víctor Casas, Mercedes Sànchez
C/ Calzada, 4,
E- 49232 Fornillos de Fermoselle - Zamora
Phone : +34-980/612 915     +34-629/749 552
Email :

We are located in the "Parque Natural de Arribes del Duero". We invite you to discover Fornillos, to walk on its pathes, to smell the bushes, to observe the fauna, to listen to the rivers.... without touching a car. There are 6 recommended trails with a lenght between 500m and 4 km. You can hike or bike on them, they are all in best conditions.

La Casa de los Arribes is also some kind of Ark Farm. We breed rare local livestock breeds as Zamorano-Leonese donkeys, Castilian hens, Iberian turkeys, shepherd dogs, .....

Infrastructure :

Accomodation , Infos : We rent four houses: two with space for 2-4 persons, one for 6 persons and one with space for 12 persons; all with tv, best sanitary conditions, patios or gardens.



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