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Museum Lychnostatis
GR- 70014 Hersonissos - Crete
Phone : +30-289/702 36 60    
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The Cretan Open-air Museum ´LYCHNOSTATIS ´ aims to promote the understanding and awareness of the Cretan folk cultural heritage. Its scope lies on the following themes :
=> Cretan Folk Tradition and Ethnology
life-style in the pre-industrial Crete (19th - 20th century), traditional occupations and customs , living legends , ethnological information e.t.c.
=> Cretan Nature and Environment
vegetation , mineral wealth, environmental administrative process
=> Cretan Folk Culture
self - taught artists who promote the folk cultural heritage with their artistic work.

Beside workshops and exhibitions you will find also:
=> an arboretum with fruit trees from Crete
=> a show garden with herbs (herbs for tee, medicin and perfume)
=> a Herbarium (for manufacture of perfumes and tee)

The museum is apart from a valuable tourist asset, an exemplary self - motivated conduct on tradition, culture and environment of the island.

Opening hours :
April - October

Offer :
Coffeeshop with:
- traditional drinks and cakes
- traditional products and souvenirs

Infrastructure :



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