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partly reconstruction of the Biskupin fortified settlement from the beginning of the Iron Age
Biskupin Archeological Museum
Biskupin 17,
PL- 88-410 Gàsawa
Phone : +48-22/5044851    
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Biskupin - well-known archaeological museum and reservation in Middle Europe. Excavations on Lake Biskupin peninsula were initiated in 1934. It was the first prehistoric site in Poland with a vast scale organized research using modern techniques, methodologies and interdisciplinary activity.
Wooden remains of the fortified settlement from VIII c. BC have been found in an excellent state of preservation, because of wetland, wood protecting conditions. Biskupin has been called "Polish Pompeii" as well.

Breeding and agriculture:

For many years now the "konik polski", a small horse related to the forest tarpan, has been raised in Biskupin. In 1984 heath sheep and some goats were added to the farm. Heath sheep are related to the European moufflon and belong to the northern, short-tailed group of sheep. They are very hardy and capable of surviving in difficult conditions and with little food. When compared with today´s animals, it can be seen that goats have hardly changed since the Iron Age, both in size and outward features. Another addition to the farm are some Polish Lowland, red cattle which have only been here for a few years.

The stables and sheepfold are reconstructions of buildings inhabited by Lusatians living in open settlements. A barn with a post structure and a rick have also been reconstructed. Ali the buildings were put up using traditional materials and simple contemporary tools.

At the moment, four species of wheat, all known to the inhabitants of Biskupin, are being grown on the reservation. They belong to archaic, fast spreading species, and some have ears with sharp husks to protect them from being pecked out by birds. Near the enclosures and buildings for animals there is a small exhibition field for tourists. The actual 1500 m2 experimental crop field is located in a part of the reservation closed to sightseers, where some millet, lentils, flax and Celtic beans are also grown.

Opening hours :
all year round 08:00 am - 06:00 pm
(in winter until dusk)
The tour lasts about 2 hours.

Admission price :
adult – 7 zl
teens and emeritus – 5 zl
family ticket – 5 zl
englisch guide: 80 zl

Events :

Infrastructure :

Accomodation , Infos : Country hotel "Karczma Biskupinska" directly at the muzeum



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