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Obstgarten Hemberg
Pavel Beco
CH- 9633 Hemberg
Phone : 0041-71/377 19 24    
Email : pavel.beco@bluewin.ch

The orchard of the village of Hemberg combines an old orchard with a modern plantation. The placing of both old and new varieties in close proximity gives an impressive display of the development of fruit growing in Switzerland. The 105 old, standard trees are mainly the traditional Apple, Pear, Damson, Cherry and Plum varieties. However, here one can see some ususual varieties such as the «Birnenförmigen Apfel»/Pear shaped apple, the «Totenapfel»/Dead apple or the «Allerheiligenchriesi»/All Saints Cherry, these are all to be found on the path through the diversity found in history. In the “wild fruits hedge”, large fruited varieities are displayed and, in the permaculture garden there is an example of combined cultivation.

In ideal places, heaps of stones and branches are provided as a space for small animals as well as nest materials for birds and insects. A small pond with a dry stone wall invites you to spend a little time relaxing. A gravel and sand path around the whole orchard combines al the elements. A pergola is on offer as a picnic place. Restaurants and public conveniences are in the village. The whole orchard is accessable for wheelchairs and includes:
-Traditional orchard of 105 trees, 140 varieties, historical, local and curiosities.
-Modern plantation with 100 trees, 20 new, especially disease resisitent varieties.
-Tour of historical apple varieties of the last 2000 years as well as the wild ancestors of our modern apple and berry varieties.
-Wild fruit: 30 known species and large fruited varieties with edible fruit.
-Eco-Hedges: 35 types of bush, herb-rich undergrowth etc.
-Permaculture garden: mixed cultivation with fruit, berries, wild fruit.
-Information hut with a turf roof.
-Traditional Swiss bee “house” with turf roof
-Wild bee “hotel”
-Dry stone wall, pond, stream, stone and brach heaps for reptiles and other small animals.
-Bird “hotel”: exhibition of nest boxes.

Opening hours :
Always open
recommended to visit April – October

Admission price :
Admission free

Offer :
Tourist-Info, Dorf 93, 9633 Hemberg
Tel. 071 377 11 44
Fax 071 377 19 65

Restaurant, Description :
Restaurants to be found in the village

More Infos :
The project has been planned and put into action by Pavel Beco with the help of many helpers from the WWF and other organisations. All the plants come from his speciality tree nursery. Pavel Beco is available to give tours to groups.

Infrastructure :

Dimension : 1,5 ha



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