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Skanzen Szentendre
Agnes Fügediné Berényi
Sztaravodai ut,
H- 2001 Szentendre
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Come and visit the central architectural collection of Hungary! The Hungarian Open Air Museum, which is 20 km from Budapest and situated in the unique and natural surroundings of the Duna-Ipoly National Park presents the architectural characteristics, way of life and traditions of different Hungarian regions. Walking around the museum "villages" visitors can get to know the typical buildings of seven Hungarian great regions: the Great Plains, the Upper-Tisza-region, the Kisalföld, Western - Transdanubia, Southern-Transdanubia, Upland Market Town and the Bakony, Balaton-Uplands.

Our colleagues, working in the museum houses, gardens and mills recall the everyday life and traditions of previous owners day by day. In the Living Museum visitors can participate in some of the activities thereby meeting the past becomes a personal experience. Those interested can get acquainted with the tricks of honey-cake baking, the dodge of weaving and spinning, the profession of candle dipping, corn-shelling, and washing or soap making.

Detached farmstead for animal husbandry:
The ensemble of farm buildings reconstructed on the fringes of a settlement in the Great Hungarian Plain preserves the memory of one-time stables-with-fireplace in the outsteadings. The oldest building on the plot is a dwelling-cum-stable augmented later with another stable for oxen. Structures of this kind were typical of detached farms in the Nagykunság in the 18th-19th centuries. As a result of changing standards new stables and dwelling house were raised, and the old houses served on as outbuildings. In the Museum we present such a state, characteristic of the 1920s.

In the gardens of the farms the visitors can find characteristic planst and flowers as well treated by the collegues of the museum. There are fruit trees in the Upper-Tisza Region and the Kisalföld regions as well.

Opening hours :
22 March - 31 October: Tuesday - Sunday: 9.00 - 17.00
2 November - 14 december: only Saturday-Sunday: 10.00 - 15:00

Admission price :
Adult: 1.000,- HUF
Student: 500.,- HUF

Offer :
In the renewed offer of our shops, the products of traditional crafts, folk and museum souvenirs can be bought.
- Chandler’s Shop
- Portéka Shop

Restaurant, Description :
- Inn from Jászárokszállás (a la carte or one-course dishes of the day)
- Bakery from Izsák
- Tavern from Mád

More Infos :
Guiding: Telephone: 00 36 26 502 519, E-mail:
Museumpedagogy: Ordering:
Carriage Service: Telephone: 00 36 20 5176 154

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