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Ahlmann Vocational Institute
Harri Ala-Kapee
Hallilantie 24,
FIN- 33820 Tampere
Phone : +358 (0)40-7586658    
Email : ahlman@ahlman.fi
Website: http://www.ahlman.fi

The red cowshed stands proudly in the yard of the Ahlman Vocational Institute. Ahlman’s Finncattle serve as a gene bank, the purpose of which is to preserve and refine Finncattle breeds with varying genet-ic lines. The farm specialises in native breeds, in order to maintain the professionalism and knowledge of rearing Finncattle.

The Finncattle breeds include the brown Western Finncattle breed, the spotted East-ern Finncattle breed and the white dairy cow. Ahlman has an agreement with the gene bank working group of MTT Agrifood Research Finland regarding 18 of Sukeva’s cows. Of all the bovine breeds, Finncattle are best suited to living in Finnish conditions. This is one of the reasons for keeping Finncattle as a living gene bank.

If you want the freshest milk around, the milk bar in Ahlman’s new cowshed is your destination of choice. Even people who are lactose intolerant can drink authentic Finncattle milk. The fat in the milk forms a protective film on the inside of the stomach, although people who are lactose intolerant should only consume small amounts.

Offer :
Finncattle milk is available at the milk bar twice a day: Monday to Saturday between 8:00–8:30 am and again between 5:30–6:00 pm. Buyers should bring their own containers, and for the pur-poses of hygiene, the best material is steel or glass.
In addition, Ahlman sells small amounts of goat milk and eggs from free-range chickens that live in an old-fashioned henhouse.



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