Vilnius Botanic Garden , LT 10239 Vilnius-40 ( last change : 08.11.2008 02:05:38 )

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Vilnius Botanic Garden
Kairénu 43,
LT- 10239 Vilnius-40
Phone : +370-5/231 79 33    
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Botanical Garden of Vilnius university was founded in 1781. The Garden occupied an area of 300 sq. m and contained about 2000 species of plants from various countries of the world. in 1974 the Botanical Garden was moved to a new location in the village of Kairenai, in the north-east of Vilnius. It occupies now a territory of 199 hectares and shows inter alia extensive collections of berries and edible wild fruits:

There is a large collection of black currants (226 cultivars), red and white currants (78 cultivars) and gooseberries (115 cultivars). The wild (non- crop) berry plant collection contained 74 species of currants and gooseberries.

In 1995 the first steps were made establishing the collection of American cranberry, lingonberry and highbush blueberry. At present, there are 22 cultivars of cranberry, 17 cultivars of highbush blueberry and 8 cultivars of lingoberry.

There are also species and cultivars of edible honeysucle ( Lonicera caerulea ) and quinces ( Chenomeles japonica ).

Opening hours :
Open from May to October:
I–IV 9am - 17pm, V 9am-16pm, VI–VII 10am - 19pm

Admission price :
Adults 5 Lt; Children, students, seniors 3 Lt; Family 10 Lt

Dimension : 199 ha


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