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Estonian Native cattle on cattle trail
C.R. Jakobson´s Farmstead Museum
Neidi Tökke
Kurgja village,
EE- 87612 Vändra Vald, Pärnumaa
Phone : (+372) 44 58 171     (+372) 52 45 054
Email : info@kurgja.ee
Website: http://www.kurgja.ee

Carl Robert Jakobson (1841-1882) was the first Estonian learned farmer, a politician, a mentor and one of the most beloved leaders of the Estonian national movement. He became a landowner in 1874. He was willing to provide a good example and educate farmers, thus he planned to build up a model farm in Kurgja. He dreamed about founding a dairy school that would later develop into a full agricultural model school. A barn that consisted of a stable, a pigsty, a cowshed, a sheepfold, a fodder kitchen and a dairy was the first building erected in 1875. After the death of C. R. Jakobson, his family took care of the farm and his legacy. In 1948, C. R. Jakobson’s Farmstead Museum was established and his eldest daughter Linda was appointed as the director.

Today, the territory of the museum is 82,5 ha and buildings that needed partial or full repairs have been renovated. There is an exhibition of the life and activities of C. R. Jakobson in the main building of the museum. In addition to that, a barn for threshing and drying grain was erected according to the design by C. R. Jakobson. The museum is unique as it continues to operate as a farm, raising cattle and growing crops. One can amuse oneself by watching Estonian aboriginal cattle, white-headed sheep, Estonian horses, cocks and hens and bees.

Opening hours :
Open daily from 10 a.m. in the summer season (15.04. - 15.10.)
Closed on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays in the winter season (16.10. -14.04.)

Admission price :
adults 2 €
students 1 €
guided tour main building 10 € per group
territory and farm buildings 10 € per group

Offer :
At request

* Sightseeing tours
* Farm food in the barn (farm lunch, milk, Estonian barley bread)
* Special programmes: “Autumn in the Farm”, “Christmas in the Farm”, “Shrove Tuesday in the Farm”
* Special events (wedding and birthday parties, etc.

Events :
August 4 Sheepfarmers Day
August 12 Day of Estonian Horse
August 25 Farmkeapers Day

Restaurant, Description :
Farm food in the barn:

farm lunch (roasted pork, milk, barley bread, coffee, cheescake)

Please book in advance!

More Infos :
January - December School of Farm culture
For children:
February 1-22 Shrove Tuesday in the Farm
March 26 - April 8 Easter program
September - October Educational program "Fall in the farm"
01.-22.Dec. Educational program "Christmas in the farm"

Infrastructure :
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