Centro de Valorização do Burro de Miranda , P 5225-011 Atenor ( last change : 23.03.2019 20:41:38 )

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Centro de Valorização do Burro de Miranda
Miguel Nóvoa
AEPGA - Largo da Igreja,
P- 5225-011 Atenor
Phone : 273739307     925790397
Email : burranco@gmail.com
Website: http://www.aepga.pt

AEPGA - Associação para O Estudo and Protecção do Gado Asinino
The Association for the Study and Protection of Donkeys, is an organization without profit, created in 2001, and works for the preservation of the Donkey of Miranda, its promotion and dignification, not only being a genetic inheritance but also cultural . In this sense, it maintains a close relationship with the breeders as a form of ensured the well-being of donkeys and mules, and also organizes actuvities that parmetes the disclosure of the cultural wealth of this region- the plateau of Miranda. Of these activities the big part is especially ludic, as for example the festivals where excursions, but more and more it gives importance to the (in) formatin, oneself has the help with the investigation, self promotion of formations and course.

The center can be visited all the year by individuals and school groups. You will find breeding femals and a stallion and of course some young donkeys, too. Als a restored traditional pigeon house can be visited. At the Center you may go for a donkey ride on some specially proposed itineraries.

Asinoterapia is possible at the neighbouring center of Pena Branca.

Opening hours :
all the year

Admission price :
20€/donkey ride (1h)

Infrastructure :

Dimension : 10 ha



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