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Kobilarna Lipica (Gestüt/Stud Farm)
Lipica 5,
SI- 6210 Se˛ana
Phone : ++386 5 739 15 80     ++386 5 739 17 08
Email : info@lipica.org
Website: http://www.lipica.org

Lipica, a cultural monument of European and worldwide reputation, is located in Slovenia´s Karst region, an unusual stony land covered with low bushes, small pine forests, and vineyards. Close to the Slovene-Italian border in a lush green oasis with avenues lined with trees between one hundred and one hundred and sixty years old, the Lipica stud farm, cradle of the Lipizzaner, has been developing for more than four hundred years. In 1580, the Austrian Archduke Karl II established the stud, and it was the property of the Austrian court till 1918. Its history prospers with stories of emperors and rulers admiring the white stallions and, on the other hand, stories of difficult and dangerous times when the stud had to flee from the maelstroms of war. During wars, it was necessary to seek sanctuary for the herd in other countries, but always, more or less reduced, it returned to Lipica, tenaciously resisted decline, and revived.
Today, Lipica is a tourist and recreation centre that is not just interesting because it is a stud farm and treasures the white horse beauties already described by the author Valvasor in 1689. It now boasts of its varied offer; in particular, the performances of its classic riding school are an unforgettable experience, as well as the Museum of Lipizzaner. Today, Lipica is known as an international venue for traditional equestrian events including World Cup dressage & carriage drive competitions and events like Lipica Stud Days. On Lipica property you can also observe the biodiversity known for the Karst region.

Opening hours :
Tour to the stud farm:
April-October: 9.00 10.00 11.00 13.00 14.00 15.00 16.002 17.00 18.00
November - March: 10.00 11.00 13.00 14.00 15.00

Admission price :
- Visit and training:
Adults: 11,00 €; Children (7-15) Students: 5,50 €
- Visit and presentation:
Adults: 18,00 €; Children (7-15) Students: 9,00 €

Offer :
Breeding and sale of horses, tourist riding, viewing of training sessions, arena riding, equestrian events, tour of stud facilities, carriage rides, beginner riding lessons, riding school, advanced riding lessons, trail riding, pony rides

Restaurant, Description :
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Infrastructure :

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