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Mašekov Mlyn - Masek Mill
Michal Demeš
Šafárikova 688/4,
SK- 95201 Vrable
Phone : + 421-37-783 35 98     + 421-908-371 498
Email :

The family farm "Masek Mill" is located on the river Žitava, north of the town of Bratislava, in the Horny Ohaj, local part of the Vrable. It is some 20 km from the city of Nitra. Since 1996, Masek mill began to implement a widely targeted revitalization process, whose main aim is to maintain traditional forms of the organic-based agriculture and the overall recovery of the complex while still evolving relationship of man and nature

Opening hours :
On request

Admission price :
2 Euro/person

Offer :
Welcome to the yard of old moms! Visit the internal area of the mill combined with an inspection of animals kept in the yards of our grandparents. The tour can be enriched with the taste of domestic specialties, demonstration of traditional crafts. As a complementary offering sport fishing, biking. If you are interested in, it is possible to participate in the life of the family Biofarm.

Family and community meetings in rural style for companies closed up to 30 people. We offer the possibility of enrichment program performance drivers and area visits, tasting indigenous specialties, the possibility of a roast, barbecue and sit by the fire and the possibility of driving for invited guests.

Courses of plant breeding, animal husbandry and traditional folk crafts by mutual agreement. Tent camps in the Scout campament on the river Žitava.

Infrastructure :
Picknick  Grillplatz    

Accomodation , Infos : Cottages for 3 persons or tent camps



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