Vildtfarm Nord , DK 9240 Nibe ( last change : 26.11.2008 00:26:30 )

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Vildtfarm Nord
Poul Erik Sperling
Nyrupvej 78,
DK- 9240 Nibe
Phone : 98-34 20 05    
Email :

Come close to the animals...
Vildtfarm Nord is the largest vildtfarm in Denmark. It occupies an area of 19 acres af beautiful nature at Nibe in North Jutland. The Children can come in close contact to animals - we have a lot of different kinds of petting animals. The animal and Nature Park "Vildtpark Nord" was started in 1998. The farm is family owned and operates without any public support.

At Vildtfarm Nord you can expirience:
* More than 400 animals and birds
* 85 species from the northern hemisphere
* Many petting animals
* Relax and enjoyu the peaceful atmosphere and wonderful nature

Targets for the park:
* disseminate knowledge about animals and birds from the north and temperate regions of the world
* preserve old livestock breeds
* preserve endangered animals and birds

Opening hours :
May - August: 10:00 - 18:00
April, September, October: 10:00 - 16:00

Admission price :
Adults: 85.- Kr.
Children: 55.- Kr.

Infrastructure :

Dimension : 17 ha



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