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Horses from Hargo Talu
Hargo Talu
Ute Wohlrab
Hargo Talu,
EE- 68226 Kuigatsi
Phone : +37 (256) 46 43 49    
Email : ute.wohlrab@gmail.com
Website: http://www.alt-tori.de

The Hargo Talu stud (named after Hargo, one of the last purebred stallions) is currently the only and last horse farm in Estonia, which has specialized in the pure conservation of the Old-Tori Horses. The current backlog nevertheless represents almost half of the breeding population. It is actively and successfully for years trying to preserve the breed in its original, unified expression. Especially the attitude of purebred stallions for breed-preservation plays a pioneering role.

Opening hours :
Hargo Talu is always open for visitors - but please register in advance by phone or email.

Admission price :
So far, no admission fees, but donations for the continued existence of the facility is requested.

Offer :
Guided visit of the stud. With appropriate pre-registration groups can also be accepted up to 25 people and served with a small, typical country lunch (selfmade lemonade, eco-tea, snacks). Night by appointment

Events :
Christmas market of the Old-Tori Association in december, other events on www.vana-torihobune.ee

More Infos :
The Old-Tori horses got their own studbook in june 2012 and though the breed got founded in 1856 in Estonian little town Tori, the heavy riding (cavalry) and also proper working horses of that time are dying out. There is a small population of the very friendly, strong, but powerful and easy to handle heavy warmbloods left, Hargo Talu is the most important place to see these horses.

Infrastructure :
Imbiss/Kiosk  Picknick  Grillplatz  Kiosk-Verkaufsladen-Hofladen  

Accomodation , Infos : Upon request, the simple summer house open to stay overnight, depending on the season, hay hotel, camping etc. possible. Breakfast together desired ...



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