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Dansk Landbrugsmuseum Gammel Estrup
Randersvej 4,
DK- 8963 Auning
Phone : +45 86 48 34 44     +45 86 48 41 82
Email : dansklandbrugsmuseum@gl-estrup.dk
Website: http://www.gl-estrup.dk

The Danish Agricultural Museum is the Danish state and national museum for agriculture, rural culture and the industries associated with agriculture. It is the only state museum in Denmark outside the Copenhagen area. The museum is located in the former farm buildings of the Gammel Estrup estate. The manor house itself is a separate museum called the Jutland Manor House Museum, but the farm buildings and land constitute the Danish Agricultural Museum.

The Centre for Living Cultural Heritage is a thoroughly modern farm complex that houses the museum´s collections of old livestock breeds. The centre is surrounded by historical fields and has a vegetable garden for use by the schools service, as well as pens for the museum´s animals. In the summer, tables and benches are placed on the lawn so that visitors can enjoy their packed lunches while looking out over the fields and watching the animals. There is also a special area for visitors who wish to prepare their food on an open fire.

The Danish Agricultural Museum has 66 hectares of land, which is cultivated as a normal farm. You can see cattle, sheep, goats, chickens, geese, ducks and rabbits on these fields – all old Danish breeds deemed worthy of preservation. The historical fields consist of ten separate fields, each measuring 0.55 hectares, and planted with old varieties of crops. The varieties of corn, beets, vetches, potatoes, etc. used here were acquired from the Nordic Gene Bank in Sweden. All farming at Gammel Estrup is conducted on organic principles.

Opening hours :
open all year round.
November - Mid March: closed Sunday

Guided tours are available, conducted in Danish, English and German. A tour lasts approximately 1 hour. Tours must be arranged in advance.

Admission price :
A ticket covers admission to both the museums at Gammel Estrup – the Jutland Manor House Museum and the Danish Agricultural Museum..
Adults DKK 75,-
Pensioners DKK 60,-
Students DKK 60,-

Offer :
Pop into the museum shop to experience an unusual array of items for sale. Many of the goods are made on the premises, including fresh honey from the Apiary, herbs, herbal vinegars, apple trees and other seasonal products. There is also a fine collection of model tractors and old-fashioned toys. In addition, we have goods made of horn, pottery from Sorring, rush shoes, tea towels and many other items. The shop also sells a wide ion of books on farming, and about Gammel Estrup itself.

Restaurant, Description :
The restaurant at the Danish Agricultural Museum is called Den Gamle Stald (The Old Stable), and provides a good ion of food and refreshments for both children and adults all year round.

Infrastructure :
  Imbiss/Kiosk  Picknick  Grillplatz     

Dimension : 66 ha



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