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Farm Holiday Carrera della Regina
Elena Fonti
Contrda Panetteria S.P. 169 km 48+800 Genzano di Lucania - Spinazzola,
I- 85010 Banzi (Basilicata)
Phone : +39 0971 774 470     +39 349 761 1453
Email :

The Farm-holiday Carrera della Regina is born from the restructuration of one old farm in the respect of the architectonic preexistences and the characteristics of the places. All the buildings are easy accessible, located to ground-floor and inner stairs do not exist. The buildings create one small inner court where, to the shadow of a tree of tiglio, the customers can spend pleasantly some moments of the day.

The swimming pool is been built in a natural depression of the land with an irregular free shape, like a small lake. The Farm-holiday is encircled from a forest of oak of approximately 500 hectares, of which 120 hectares are of property of the company. In the forest some ways have been opened with various degrees of difficulty, in order to be run across for healthy walks by horses and mountain bike.

Didactic Farm:
Since the first year of activity, we have received for half a day or an entire day, groups of schoolars, giving them the possibility to observe, to approach and to play with the not dangerous animals. The plan became very successfully and with good participation, previews a series of activity guided from our collaborators who illustrate in comprehensive way the natural life of every animal. With the visit we show managing a small farm and feeding the raised animals in order to obtain of the good ones milk. There are laboratories of the taste, for the understanding of the mechanisms to the transformation of poducts.

Offer :
- Swimming pool
- Trekking
- Mountain Bike
- Naturalistic road
- Birdwatching

Restaurant, Description :
The restaurant is always open for the hosts who stay into the Farm. Lunch and Dinner, made up of products that come from the nearest agricultural company.

Infrastructure :

Accomodation , Infos : Currently are available 6 rooms and 2 mini-apartments



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