Fa. Duvugardar , FO 436 Saksun / Faroe Islands ( last change : 04.05.2012 20:18:37 )

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Fa. Duvugardar
FO- 436 Saksun / Faroe Islands
Phone : (+298) 594455     (+298) 422696
Email : duvugardar@olivant.fo
Website: http://faroeislands.dk/pages/SaksunIndex.htm

Saksun is a picturesque village in the bottom of what was once an inlet surrounded by high mountains. The inlet formed a deep and good natural harbour. However a storm blocked the inlet with sand. So now there is a lake below the village where there was an inlet in the old day. Duvugardur is a farm from before 17th century. It is still in use as a farm. Besides that part of it is now a museum where visitors can see how Faeroese people lived in those days. The church in Saksun was built in 1858.



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