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Jˇannes Patursson
FO- 175 Kirkjub°ur / Faroe Islands
Phone : +298 32 80 89    
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Kirkjub°argar­ur (Faroese for Yard of Kirkjub°ur, also known as King┤s Farm) is one of the oldest still inhabited wooden houses of the world. The farm itself has always been the largest in the Faroe Islands. The old farmhouse dates back to the 11th century. It was the episcopal residence and seminary of the Diocese of the Faroe Islands, from about 1100.
The farm house, formerly the bishopĺs residence, is today the home of the Patursson family, as it has been since 1550. The historic portion of the house, including the Roykstova dating back to ca. 1100, is open to the public.

The farm holds sheep, cattle and some horses. It is possible to get a coffee here and buy fresh mutton and beef directly from the farmer. In the winter season there is also hare hunting for the locals. Groups can rent the roykstovan for festivities and will be served original Faroese cuisine. Other famous buildings directly by the farmhouse are the Magnus Cathedral and the Saint Olav┤s Church, which also date back to the mediaeval period. All three together represent the Faroe Island┤s most interesting historical site.

Opening hours :
Mayľ September, 9 am ľ 5:30 pm. Visits outside regular opening hours and during October - April may be arranged by appointment.

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