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Thorshøjgård Fonden
Rita Hansen and Niels Stokholm
Museumsvej 1,
DK- 3120 Dronningsmølle
Phone : 49 71 96 42    
Email :

Thorshøjgård - biological-dynamic agriculture operates since 1975. On the farm are cows of the old Danish red milk cattle breed with its own bulls. It is a healthy and robust breed, which the state recognized as genetic resource. Thorshøjgård keeps this breed, because it will not survive in the industrial agriculture. The animals are fed with natural fodder, hay and grass in the winter, in the summer grass with herbs. Cows, bulls and calves until 4 months remain in the herd together, so that this is calm and harmonious. Beside cattle Thorshøjgård holds also black spotted Danish landrace pigs, old Danish landrace chickens and a herd of short tale sheeps of old Scandinavian origin. All these animals in their natural environment results in a high food quality and taste for humans.

Opening hours :
Anytime by appointment in advance.

Admission price :
Individually, dependent on what you want of guidance and food.

Events :
Open farmday : June 2. 2011 and september 3. and 4. 2011.

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