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The 3 Mangalica breeds (left) and the great bustard (above)
Körös-Maros National Park - Réhely Visitor Centre
H- 5510 Dévaványa, Réhely puszta
Phone : +36-66-483-083     +36-66-313-855
Email : rehely@kmnp.hu
Website: http://www.kmnp.hu

The Körös-Maros National Park was established in 1997 as the seventh national park of Hungary in order to preserve the nature and landscape of the Southern Tiszántúl. The operational area of the National Park is 800 000 hectares. Its area includes all the Dévaványa-Ecsegi steppes as well as the parts of Körös flood-plains. The magnificent landscape is characterized by diversified and unique natural scenery of the uncontrolled countryside. The Csanádi and Békési plateaus that stretch between the rivers Körös and Maros. Owing to the considerable agricultural development, the protection of the still existing natural plant communities, first of all, that of the loess fields is an outstanding challenge of nature protection. On the vast areas of the erstwhile Kis-Sárrét, in the region covered by the meandering branches of river Körös and on the Dévaványai -, Békési and Csanádi plains there are spacious sodic steppes, remnants of wooded grasslands and marshlands as well as meadows and groves of extraordinary value. The protection of those plant and animal species, which live only in this region of Hungary, or the biggest part of their population lives on the area of our National Park, is an outstanding task.

Réhely Visitor Centre
Réhely Visitor Centre is situated half way between Dévaványa and Ecsegfalva. On the first floor of the museum a permanent exhibition can be visited about the European Bustard, the unique value of the region and the natural values and nature history of the territory. Outside the museum great bustards, hungarian grey cattles, buffalos, racka sheep, mangalica pigs and several types of poultry can be observed.

Réhely Nature Trail (Dévaványa-Réhely)
The nature-trail is 1,5 kms long. The begining and the final point is in the Réhely Visitor Centre, and takes one hour to go around. The typical habitat types, plant and animal species of Dévaványa-Ecseg puszta are presented on 8 stations. The trail can be visited on foot.

Opening hours :
1. April - 31. October, between 9-17, except Mondays.
Larger groops must be booked in advance.

Admission price :
Entrance fee Réhely Centre to:
- permanent exhibition about the natural values of the territory,
- exhibition place of Bustard and ancient Hungarian animals,
- nature trail.
adults 370 HUF / person,
children, pensionar: 260 HUF / person

Offer :
- forest school with professional programs,
- excursion with guides: 2300 HUF/ hour,
- excursion with professional guides: 5800 HUF/ hour,
- professional or educational lectures: 3200 HUF/ hour,
- accomodation for 48 people,
- rentable rooms (with good technical backgrounds) for conference, training, continuative education,
- rent a bicycle: 1200 HUF/person/day, for pupils 750 HUF/person/day,
- selling of publications about the national park,
- special program offer to the area of Körös-Maros National Park.

Infrastructure :
  Imbiss/Kiosk  Picknick    

Accomodation , Infos : Réhely Visitor Centre: In the educational and accomodation building there are tourist rooms for 40 people and guest rooms for 8 people / In the accomodation building "Madarvarta Bihar" are tourist rooms for 48 people.



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