Donkey Reserve Liburna , HR 52 220 Labin Istria ( last change : 11.02.2010 11:13:51 )

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Donkeys from Kvarner region (©
Donkey Reserve Liburna
Ivan Perko
Ulica Slobode 3,
HR- 52 220 Labin Istria
Phone : +385 (0)52 857 706     +385 (0)91 521 12 32
Email :

Reservation Liburna was established in 1995. with aim to protect and preserve indigenous breeds of donkeys, and to this day it evolved and besides protection it posseses cultural, etnographical, educational and touristic qualities. Reservation contents are adjusted to raise and educate youth to preserve and protect natural ans cultural heritage (care for indigenous breeds od domestic animals and rural traditional customs enables children to realise importance of biological and landscape diversities). We operate through organised tours of children raging from kindergarden to school age with organisation of educational workshops - school in nature. Children participate in workshops of their own choice, with special attention paid to children with disabilities. In the year 2003. over 6.000 children of all ages visited us and participated on our project "We create foundations for future generations".

What will you experience?
When you visit us you´ll meet many indigenous breeds of domestic animals, mainly original breeds of donkeys, once numerous, and now close to extintion. Project to protect indigenous breeds of donkeys promotes and cares for original breeds of northern Adriatic area as inseparable part of traditional life in these spaces. You can see our etnographic collection of every-day tools and means of transport and cultivation of agricultural products.

Offer :
For whom are we here?
- For children and youth
...spending time with animals present enormous pleasure for them, and they also get valuable lessons of natural life...
- To all those..
...who want to spent several hours in natural environment filled with symbols of Istrian identity and it´s past and it´s present heritage...
- To tourists...
...who want to directly see, experience and live part of authentic world of Istria in close vincinity of their touristic destinations; they can get to know indigenous domestic animals of this area in their natural environment...



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