Korteniemi Heritage Farm (National Park Liesjärvi) , FIN 31350 Liesjärvi ( last change : 12.03.2019 08:01:11 )

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Korteniemi Heritage Farm
Korteniemi Heritage Farm (National Park Liesjärvi)
Korteniementie 270,
FIN- 31350 Liesjärvi
Phone : +358 206 39 5270    
Email : sisasuomi@metsa.fi
Website: http://www.luontoon.fi/korteniemi

Liesjärvi National Park
is a versatile outdoor recreation destination. History comes to life right before the visitors´ eyes at Korteniemi Heritage Farm, where guests can try their hand at farm chores. Visitors can also hike through the fairytale-like Ahonnokka old growth forest and over the grand Kyynäränharju Ridge, which cuts through lake scenery. Liesjärvi National Park is a good day trip destination. Liesjärvi National Park is located in the Häme Lake uplands. This area is a rugged backwoods surrounded by fertile fields. Shores and beaches dominate the scenery. They encircle four adjoined lakes and a couple mire ponds. Even though the park is small in area there are almost 50 km of forested shore-line. Adding to this already varied terrain are Kyynäränharju, a sandy shored ridge which separates Lakes Liesjärvi and Kyynäräjärvi, and around 40 islands and islets.

Korteniemi Heritage Farm
The grounds of Korteniemi Heritage Farm with their buildings, gardens and fields have remained, for the most part, unchanged for over 100 years. The farm functions in much the same way it did in 1910. During summer the farm is home to indigenous Finnish animals: cows, horses, sheep, chickens and a rooster. Traditional vegetables and grain are grown by traditional methods in the farms

Opening hours :
6.5. - 31.5.. Tue - Fri at 9 - 15; Sat 18.5. 11-17
1.6. - 30.6. Thu - Sat 11 - 17; closed Fri 21.6.; open Sun 23.6. 11 - 17
1.7. - 31.7. Wed - Sun 11 - 17
1.8. - 31.8. Thu - Sat 11 - 17
1.9. - 30.9. Sat - Sun 11 - 17

Admission price :
Free entrance
Guided tours can be reserved from sisasuomi@metsa.fi

Offer :
School teams for a suitable school and school education in support of the theme tours of traditional crafts and agriculture, as well as old secrets of the forest.

Infrastructure :
Picknick  Grillplatz  

Accomodation , Infos : There is a campfire site at Cape Korteniemi.



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