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Kuralan Kylämäki - Village of Living History
Jaanintie 45 / P.O. Box 286,
FIN- 20101 Turku
Phone : +358 2 262 0420    
Email : vapaa-aikatoimiala@turku.fi
Website: http://www.turku.fi/kulttuuri

Situated in the valley of the river Aura, Kylämäki is a village of farm buildings that are still in their original places, surrounded by fields. The entire landscape speaks of old cultural heritage; the view of Lieto Vanhalinna region from Kylämäki hill goes back thousands of years. The place takes you back to the peaceful atmosphere of the past in a unique way. Kylämäki is a Village of Living History, including a farm that functions in the traditions of the 1950s and a site of experimental archaeology.

Kylämäki brings the past into life in a functional way. Traditional working methods and skills can be observed in action: visitors can not only observe the farm chores but also participate in them. In this fun way, traditions are passed on to new generations, providing new things for the people of today to learn. The old artefacts are not just for viewing from a distance, they can also be touched.

In the experimental archaeology workshop, items are made according to prehistoric samples by trying out different methods. There is also an ancient graveyard in the area. On the basis of archaeological trial digs, Kylämäki has been declared protected by the law on ancient monuments.

The farm, with its hens, cows and sheep, is a great place to visit, especially for the children. Visitors are also invited to participate in the chores - for instance, you can find yourself making hay! Kylämäki offers an unforgettable tradition-transfer experience. Due to careful gardening, many old and traditional utility and ornamental plants have found their way back into Kylämäki. In the summertime, the perennial garden shines in bright colours.

Opening hours :
29.6.-19.9.2010 Tue- Sun 10am-6pm. Other times by separate arrangement.

Admission price :
Adults 4,50 €
Children and students 3,00 €
Senior citizens 3,00 €
Family Ticket (2 adults and 2-4 children) 9,50 €

Offer :
Kuralan Kylämäki Shop
You can find ceramics, postcards, wool products and other fun stuff from the Kylämäki Shop. The Shop is located next to the Info Point and Ticket Office.

Restaurant, Description :
Kuralan Kylämäki Café is located at the museum´s premises in the former Vähä-Rasi farm´s old main building. There´s room for 50 customers and outside a cosy yard.

Infrastructure :



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