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Hungarian Grey cattle
Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden
Állatkerti krt. 6-12,
H- 1146 Budapest
Phone : (+36.1) 273.4900    
Email :

Our institute has declared collaboration with state and non-governmental organizations, such as National Parks, WWF Hungary, BirdLife Hungary and universities of science and research institutes. The most important projects demonstrate and propagate nature conservation, like: seasonal exhibits, visitor information systems, posters, public awareness actions. The EAZA campaigns are traditional in these tasks and we are working on displaying the work of Hungarian National Parks as well.

Gene reserve of domesticated animals
From the beginning on 1930th Budapest Zoo played a part in save of Hungarian dog races. The reserve of Hungarian “hucul” horse race is also run in collaboration with Aggtelek National Park since 1960th. Above all we exhibit different ancient domesticated animals came from the biggest Hungarian Gene Reserve for Domesticated Animals in the Hungarian Farm area.

Conservation programs of endangered plant species
We are participating in European Native Seed Conservation Network since 2004 and we have a collaboration agreement with Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew since 2006.

Opening hours :
Every day from 9:00 until dusk

Admission price :
Adult: 1690 Ft
Child, student: 1190 Ft
Family: 4800 Ft

Infrastructure :



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