Askos Stone Park , GR 29091 Zakynthos ( last change : 24.04.2019 12:47:23 )

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Zante (Zakynthos) horse breed
Askos Stone Park
GR- 29091 Zakynthos
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“Askos Stone Park” is the place where 170.000 self -sown plants (bushes and trees) grow, exactly as placed by Mother Mature. Hundreds of animals also occupy the same area, living free in their natural habitats. There are wild hawks of many species, many representative mammals of the island, many species of birds, amphibians, insects and other native animals and livestock breeds.

In the park, one has the opportunity to observe the flora and fauna of the island, also about 200.000 self-sown plants, bushes and trees (some of which, like olives, are up to 600 years old). Everything is exactly as placed by Mother Nature, but one can see the work of many generations of people, too. As experience accumulated over time, many trees that do not naturally grow on the island were planted in the park, like apple-trees, peach-trees etc., that have exhibited a good adaptation to the climatic and geologic conditions in Zakynthos.

The park´s area contains several stone structures, like old stables, basins cut into the rock for water collection that date back many centuries and a lot of constructions using stone and wood, in harmony with the natural environment.

Opening hours :
The Park operates throughout the year, except for the days when the weather is not appropriate. There is no time limit for the visitors while the Park is in operation. All visitors are provided with free bottled water.

Offer :
There are guides to the Park, but also a special guide-book which is available in 25 different languages. If one of our visitors wishes to watch or even take part in one of the Park´s activities, e.g. to help with the ingathering of olives or the milking of a goat, our staff will help and explain the procedures (if possible or applicable).

Scientific research organisations (e.g. farming schools) are welcome to the Park for every kind of scientific research, for which they may use the Park´s premises or the surrounding area throughout the year.

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