Parc Viu / Finca Muntanya d´Alinyà , E 25794 Fígols i Alinyà ( last change : 14.06.2010 11:36:06 )

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Transhumancia a Alinyà
Parc Viu / Finca Muntanya d´Alinyà
Rafel Mariné
E- 25794 Fígols i Alinyà
Phone : 93 484 5909    
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The Mountain of Alinyà, with a surface area of 5,350 hectares, was purchased in 1999. It is Caixa Catalunya Social Work´s most important territorial action to date. This expanse of mountains in the pre-Pyrenees of the Alt Urgell located between the Cadí mountain range and the valley of the Segre is a natural park. The Mountain of Alinyà is partially or wholly affected by three protection areas: the PEIN area of the Odèn-Port del Comte mountain range, the National Hunting Reserve of Cadí and the Special Protection Zone for Birds (ZEPA).

The population of the valley of Alinyà has dropped dramatically over the last few decades. The valley was home to 635 people in 1940, but this figure had dropped to 150 registered inhabitants by 2000, of whom just 75 lived there permanently. The inhabitants still carry out the traditional mountain activities of the area, such as extensive sheep and cattle breeding and cultivation of bufet potatoes, a highly prized variety cultivated in meadows which is grown in high-altitude fields. These activities are fully compatible with our aims and in some cases require conserving and promoting. At the Finca Muntanya d`Alinyà several breeding nuclei of rare Catalonian livestock breeds are kept.

Traditional products
The area is famous for its potatoes, especially the "bufet" variety. Mention should be made of the potato pits (forats de trumfos), underground constructions used to conserve potatoes - called "trumfos" in Alinyà - during the winter. They are round holes dug into the earth, with stone walls and vaults which are covered with earth and herbs. Access is provided by a single, ground-level opening which you have to crouch to get through. The average capacity of the pits is around seventy sacks of potatoes. They can be found in the potato fields themselves, and there are hundreds on Mount Alinyà.

Opening hours :
mid April to mid of September
Information point El Ribatell: office hours: 9:30 a 14:00

Restaurant, Description :
Home cooking in the villages of Alinyà, Llobera and Cambrils.

More Infos :
* In Alinyà-Llobera: Ca la Lluïsa del Peretó rural house and residence (also a bar and restaurant). Tel. 973 37 01 81
* In Alinyà: Can Celso bar and restaurant. Tel. 973 37 00 92
* In Alzina: Ca l´Agustí Tel. 973 37 00 9

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