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the ferry to Popielno (left) and feral Konik horses (above)
Popielno - Stacja Badawcza
mgr.inz. Marlena Boron
PL- 12-220 Ruciane-Nida
Phone : +48 87 423 15 19    
Email : m.bah@pan.olsztyn.pl
Website: http://www.popielno.pl

Research Station for Ecological Agriculture and Preservation of Native Breeds:
This part of Mazury is recognized as one of the most picturesque and precious lake districts in Europe in terms of natural history and scenic beauty. The major part of the complex is formed by the homogenous stands of the Piska Primeval Forest. The landscape is variegated with countless ponds, lakes, rivers, peatbogs and swamps. Here is the Research Station for Ecological Agriculture and Preservation of Native Breeds of the Polish Academy of Science in Popielno. This is more specifically the conservation stud farm for Polish ponies and herds living at liberty and the farmlands of the Popielno Peninsula.

Opening hours :
A guided visit in English is possible on pre-announcement: phone 087/ 4231519

Offer :
The Regional Ecological Educational Centre, established in 1998. Its activities are addressed to children of all ages. A separate programme has been specially written for each age group. The centre takes advantage of its close vicinity to the Piska Primeval Forest, the Łuknajno Lake – UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserve, the Polish pony stud farm and the breeding farm for beaver and deer as well as a museum room with the Popielno Research Station’s collection. The centre can accommodate and cater for 50 visitors and has a lecture room and a clubroom.

Restaurant, Description :
there is a little store with an attached restaurant.

Infrastructure :

Accomodation , Infos : the institute has some guest rooms to offer



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