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Tori Horse Stud
10 Pärnu Road,
EE- 86801 Tori Parish
Phone : +372 50 31 892    
Email :

Our Mission: to preserve Tori and Estonian horse breeds and with the help of supporting activities and through constant breeding turn them to as good and differently usable horses as possible, in the same time maintaining their identity.

We welcome guests who come to our stud and offer services connected to horses within the stud and outside of it. Besides supporting breeding one important reason to do this is our wish to bring the strongly urbanised society back to horses. We want more and more people to get to know the value of these beautiful animals and the satisfaction given by handling them or only being in their company. That is why we are offering our guests wide range of services beginning with tours introducing the stud and ending with different kind of packages and organized events. The full list of different possibilities to spend time with us is given on our website under "Services".

We are happy that more and more young people have found their way to our riding classes which at the moment have approximately 30 students. The number is increasing month-by-month. An important part of our business is selling and accommodating the horses. Horses that come from our stables are appreciated in Estonia as well as in Scandinavia, such as; they are used by Finnish riding schools and Swedish royal mounted police.

Admission price :
Group Tours
Introduction of the Stud (1 up to 5 persons): 150 EEK
Introduction of the Stud (5 up to 20 persons): 30 EEK / person



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