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Varga Tanya
Kunpuszta 150,
H- 6041 Kerekegyhaza
Phone : +36-76/37 10 30     +36-76/37 11 63
Email :

Varga Tanya - the large rustical Ranch
treat yourself with a vacation on the Varga Ranch and enjoy the wideness of the Puszta. Adventure on trail rides, drive the horse carts through a wonderful panorama or relax at the swimming pool. In the near stables you can find, next to many Hungarian horses, ponies for children, donkeys, sheep, Hungarian cattle and sheepdogs. An outdoor grill party with music, a visit to a farmer market or a sightseeing trip downtown Kecskemet or Budapest will make your vacation even more interesting.

Offer :
- Lounge lessons for beginners (children and adults)
- Trail rides in the Puszta (advanced riders)
- Cart rides through the countryside (lessons available)
- One day trail and cart tours (with picknick in the Puszta)

Restaurant, Description :
Hungarian cuisine in a typical restaurant with two large dining rooms or in an outdoor patio

More Infos :
Varga Tanya builds - together with the two neighbouring farms of Vörösmarti Karol and the Rendek Eco-Farm - the "Ark Park Kunpuszta" where you can see all traditional Ungarian livestock breeds. All parts are connected or reachable by horse driven coa

Infrastructure :

Accomodation , Infos : The Varga Ranch consists of 16 double appartements and 6 beautiful vacation homes close to the wood



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