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Petra und Johann Tappeiner
Unsere Frau 34,
I- 39020 Schnals
Phone : 0039-0473669685    
Email : oberniederhof@rolmail.net
Website: http://www.oberniederhof.com/

We devoted part of our historical farm to the preparation of two charming, lovingly refurbished apartments which have been classified as historical monument. Learn from the past, enjoy the present and guess what future awaits here at our historical farm in Val Senales. Dive into the past, taste history without renouncing modern comforts. Take your time to recharge your batteries while you are here with us.

In order to preserve biodiversity and support the survival of habitat-adaptet breeds, which represent an important heritage, we devote ourselves to the breeding of ancient breeds worth protecting from the ever-growing request for increasing yields. We undertake to reintroduce such breeds in the production cycle to produce food of the highest quality. We safeguard this breeds´ history and evolution.

Offer :
Guided tours at Oberniederhof
We offer year-round custom guided tours of our Grade II listed property, matched to the participants her of any accidents and age.
* Guided tours through 700 years of Farm history
* Animal welfare and old breeds
* working practices then and now
* The "path of milk" to get to know
* Art on the farm experience
Subsequent sampling of our own farm, biological products

Prices & Information
* Tour, including tasting: 6 €
* Minimum number 10 people
* Duration: 1.5-2h

Infrastructure :



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