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Pazo de Fontefiz
Castor José Rivero Martinez
Centro de Recursos Zooxenéticos de Galicia,
E- 32152 Coles - Ourense
Phone : +34-988/20 54 02    
Email :

The functions carried out by the Centro de Recursos Zooxenéticos de Galicia (CRZG) are aimed at the conservation and recovery of endangered native Galician Livestock Breeds. The center holds the largest cattle farm in the province of Ourense. The recovery activities for cattle breeds (Cachena, Caldelas, Frieiresa, Limi and Vianesa) had been extended to other species with varying involvement of CRZG according to the species concerned, from total commitment (Galina de Mos) to grand dedication (ovella Gallega) or partial dedication (Porco Celta, Purebred Gallician horse and Gallician dog breeds).

Basic Functions:
- nucleus groups of Galician brown chicken and Galina de Mos
- Bank of germplasm (semen and bovine embryos)
- Collaboration in the management of herd books
- Maintenance of genetic diversity to the disposal of breeders: stud bulls, semen and avian specimens.
- Study and analysis of production applied to breeds.

Additional Performances:
The CRZG aims to achieve the widest possible dissemination of knowledge achieved in its field, both professionally as educational. That is why it participates or organizes a series of activities:
- Information for farmers interested in collaborating in the conservation of indigenous breeds.
- Participation in congresses, conferences, lectures and symposia requesting their cooperation.
- Attention to the visits of various groups coming to the Fontefiz Center (universities, institutes, colleges, breed associations and others).

Dimension : 60 ha


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