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Rendek Eco-Farm and Farmhouse Museum
Olga Rendek
Kunpuszta 81,
H- 6041 Kerekegyháza
Phone :     +36 20 386 2522
Email :

The farm is to be found where the heart of the Kiskunság National Park beats. Our knowledge is a living library, indeed, each word and each piece of information having been bequeathed by the father to his son, by the mother to her daughter. It is love and instinct for life together that create loyalty within the family. Everyone who visits this place will be enthralled by the sincere friendliness, the noble-spirited simplicity and large-hearted modesty of the people of the puszta, by their deep respect for life in general. Under the protecting auspices of the Kiskunság National Park the Farmhouse Museum appears before the visitor as a living picture: every tool reaches out for the hands of its master, every seed tells the story of the ancestors, the old bowl - that in those old days used to be sent to mothers in childbed - almost makes us taste the delicate flavour of pigeon soup.

Soon it will have been for two decades that four generations, who all live and work together on this old family farm of an area of nearly 20 hectares, at the same time foster the traditional culture of peasant life, so that it could be preserved and left to the future generations as well. What we present to our visitors, against the backdrop of those past times, is how to produce indigenous and alternative plants, how to manage animal husbandry with indigenous species - today. It is from the fruits of the earth that we make our food. There is a large earthenware oven shaped like a hay stack, heated from the outside, the type that used to be the essential equipment of peasant houses; we have restored the oven with our own hands and keep it in good shape. The oven and also the small light portable kitchen range are in permanent use again: we cook and bake our food using these old pieces of furniture.

Opening hours :
Visitors are welcome at any time, continuously throughout the year. Visits can be booked by arrangement by contacting us in advance (see contact details above). In case you book the time of your visit in advance, the presentation of the farm can be scheduled and made as comprehensive as possible, and your time, too, will be used in a most efficient way.

The Farmhouse Museum is open to the visitors at any time, the permanent exhibitions are always open to the public.

Offer :
There are programmes on offer all the year round – and if you come in the spring, and then come back in the summer, in the autumn and in the winter as well, each time there will be a different picture to enchant you, a different appearance of both the landscape and the farmhouse to take enjoyment in. And, needless to say, you will get a deeper, more detailed insight into the life, the customs and the work of the people who used to live in these traditional farmhouses scattered on the outskirts of the villages (these farmhouses are called tanya in Hungarian).

Events :
There are also seasonal and temporary exhibitions on offer; these are associated either with festive occasions, or with the actual period of typical farm activities (sowing, harvesting, food processing, etc.) Detailed, up-to-date information is always available on our website.



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