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left: Hutsul horse; above: Carpahtian buffaloes
Saldobosh Farm
Michel Jacobi
Vul. Druschba nr 4,
UA- 90451 Steblivka (Chust district)
Phone : 00380-98/394 97 02    
Email :

Initiative for the Conservation of rare livestock breeds in Carpathians:
We are an internationally operating, non-profit NGO,connecting scientific expertise with traditional land-use and agriculture systems to encourage local people to develop and maintain a sustainable lifestyle. Our aim is to preserve the unique ecosystems of the Carpathian Mountain Region, connecting ecological preservation with economical possibilities in projects like ecotourism and marketing of local products.

Our main focus is the support of rare livestock breeding, as a foundation of environmental conservation. Not only the animals gene ressources, but also ecosystems with high species diversity that depend on grazing can be preserved. We are starting to organize the Carpathian-Buffalo breeding in collaboration with the Carpathian-Biosphere Reserve and local farmers.

In the Chust Region/Ukraine we implement and control a programm to avoid inbreeding of the remaining Carpatian-Buffalos, by starting a stud book in Carpatho-Ukraine. Furthermore we plan to compare gene sequences of the remaining populations in the Carpatian Mountain Region (Ukraine, Rumania, Hungary, Slovakia) for possible interbreeding projects to stabilize declining populations.

Another project preserves the original Hutsul horses, of which some still show zebra stripes on the legs and an eelline on the back.

For SAVE Foundation Saldobosh works as a first "Ark- and Rescue-Centre" in Ukraine. In the frame of the project ELBARN (European Livestock Breeds Ark and Rescue Net) the farm will take over in urgent cases important livestock, which otherwise would have to be slaughtered.

Offer :
Riding and coach tours

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Accomodation , Infos : in private rooms



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