Ferme pédagogique CPA Lathus , F 86390 Lathus-Saint-Rémy (Poitou Charentes) ( last change : 28.03.2011 11:37:07 )

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Ferme pédagogique CPA Lathus
Hameau du Peu,
F- 86390 Lathus-Saint-Rémy (Poitou Charentes)
Phone :    
Email : info@cpa-lathus.asso.fr
Website: http://www.cpa-lathus.asso.fr/

The Permanent Centers of Initiatives for the Environment (CPIE) are charged to develop the natural resources while supporting the development of activities (Education, Formation, Insertion, Studies).The environment is not regarded there a constraint or a "sanctuary" but as a potential of culture, pedagogy, awakening, discovery, meeting and development.

A tool for education to the environment and the territory :
The teaching farm of Lathus St Remy is a farm of 140 hectares scrap-metal. The breeding of local races (ewe, goats, donkeys of Poitou...), in agrobiology and the breeding of brood maresof high-level are the principal productions. One of the fundamental missions of the C.P.I.E is to sensitize the public with the richness and the brittleness of the natural and cultural inheritance local

Our topics of intervention :
* agriculture and life of the farm,
* transformation of the products,
* inheritance,
* landscapes,
* environment (waste, energy, transport...),
* ecology,
* geology, pedology,
* ecosystems,
* fishing,
* water...

Opening hours :
Open the year round

Admission price :
free entry

Infrastructure :

Accomodation , Infos : * 110 beds in room from 2 to 6 beds , * 2 camping unit ,



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