Finca Les Refardes , E 08275 Monistrol de Calders (Barcelona). ( last change : 21.10.2009 00:30:38 )

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Finca Les Refardes
Ap. 57,
E- 08275 Monistrol de Calders (Barcelona).
Phone : +34-93/743 37 09    
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The estate of 7 hectares (two irrigated), belongs to the municipality of Mura (Bages) 524 m above sea level in the Park of Sant Llorenç del Munt i Serra de l`Obac, optimal conditions for the multiplication of plant material .

Survey, Assessment, Multiplication
We have conducted a preliminary stage of collecting seeds from horticultural and knowledge that was associated, in order not to let lose this precious cultural heritage and therefore know what those interesting varieties to promote with emphasis.
And while important work of agronomic and organoleptic evaluation of varieties produced: to study whether they are viable for consumer acceptance of a professional farmer. Those varieties that are considered viable for a farmer are subsequently multiply in large quantities for distribution.

Dissemination and training
We have worked to raise awareness to consumers, restaurateurs and farmers of the existence of these varieties and the importance of conserving them and maintaining them to gardens and decks.
Periodically organized participatory selection and dissemination workshops and workshops on how to save, select and conserve seeds of vegetable, popular tastings. We receive visits from primary schools and professionals.

Dimension : 7 ha


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