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Miranda donkeys
Parque Biológico de Vinhais
Eng.ª Carla Alves
Alto da Cidadelha, Apartado 15,
P- 5320 Vinhais
Phone : 00351-273/77 10 40     00351-933/26 03 04
Email :

The Biological Park of Vinhais was opened in May 2008, with the seal of the Municipality of Bragança. The site chosen for its installation was the former Arboretum of Vidoeira included in the Montesinho Natural Park and Forest Perimeter Sierra Coroa, and the target of an intervention with the aim of creating centers of interpretation of the local landscape as well as a Gateway to the Natural Park Montesinho.

In an area of 3800 hectares, there are a core base and three complementary poles: Pole of Cidadelha (lookout, where you can begin a tour discovering the landscape and prehistoric site, inspired by the settlement in that field), the Pole Pond of birch (small lake where it was installed under one-observatory observations of wildlife especially at night) and Pole Dam Prada (viewing area of waterfowl typical altitude ponds and presence abeberagem and other animals) . The elements of this landscape (pigeon houses, mills, cottages, walls, roads, streams, thickets, marshes, farmland, wildlife, natural vegetation, man and culture) are represented in the park, are preserved and explained to the visitor. Taking the path of discovery of nature, you will find stags, deer and wild boar, Bisaro pigs, Mirandese cattle, Mirandese donkeys, lambs, goats and black Montesinho Montes cattle dogs, birds of prey day and night, waterfowl, Charrel partridge, red partridge, wood pigeon, wild doves, chickens and rabbits.

The landscape also lends itself to contemplation: the massive overbased present flora and vegetation is very characteristic and is being installed a garden of aromatic and medicinal plants and an area with a significant range of plants in the region, clearly marked. The pedagogical nature of this park is clear and is worth consulting the environmental education activities provided to better enjoy this experience of ecotourism.

Opening hours :
1 April - 30 September: daily 10:00 til 18:00
1 October - 31 Mars: daily 09:00 - 16:30

Admission price :
Adults (18-64 years): Euro 2,00
Children (7-17 years) and adults over 64 years: Euro 1,50

More Infos :
You will find a reception center for visitors, bar, picnic area, camping areas, collection of animals, botanical garden, garden of aromatic and medicinal plants.

Infrastructure :
  Imbiss/Kiosk  Picknick          

Accomodation , Infos : Park Inn, a brand new equipment installed in a well framed and eighteenth-century manor house which is 3 km from the park in the village of Rio de Fornos; Also Bungalows to rent; Camping ground, Caravaning



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