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Left: the location of the variety garden of cultivated plants
Jardin Botanico de Cordoba
Avda. de Linneo s/n.,
E- 14004 Córdoba
Phone : 957 200077     957 200018
Email : info@jardinbotanicodecordoba.com
Website: http://www.jardinbotanicodecordoba.com/

The Botanical Garden offers some unique items, unique in the field of heritage and culture, such as the Museum of Ethnobotany, showing the traditional uses of plants and their usefulness to humanity, the Museum of Paleobotany, unique in Europe, presents a major exhibition of fossil flora representative of all geologic ages

Agricultural School:
Nestled between the access and the Central Plaza, this area shows cultivated plants. Visitors can identify groups of citrus, pome and stone fruit, olives, vines, vegetables, medicinal and aromatic plants in an area of marked agricultural traditional flavor.

Museum of Ethnobotany:
The museum pays tribute to traditional cultures related to the management of the plant world, most notably those of indigenous peoples of America, which gave the world not only many plants of great significance for humanity, but also their knowledge on the profits of these species, exploitation and utilization, as well as breeding and selection of many crops over hundreds of generations.
The museum has three permanent exhibition halls in which the different modes in human interaction / plant by a variety of ethnobotanical objects, modules installed with transillumination systems, parts, interactive panels and graphics, to finish with a reflection on the significance of the conservation of global biodiversity. The fourth room is devoted to changing exhibitions.

Opening hours :
Spring: 10h - 21h
Summer: 10h - 15h, 19h - 24h
Autumn: 10h - 18.30h
Winter: 10h - 18.30h

Admission price :
2 €............Adults
1,30 €.......Children, students

Offer :
Café and shop in the Garden

Infrastructure :



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