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Centro "La Dehesa"- Finca El Baldio
Laura García Pierna
C/ Gabriel y Galán 17,
E- 10694 Torrejón el Rubio - Cáceres
Phone : +34-927/45 51 78    
Email : ladehesa@fundacionglobalnature.org
Website: http://www.centroladehesa.info/elbaldio.htm

The Finca El Baldio has a pasture of 280 ha in size owned by the Global Nature Fund and is located in the municipo of Talaván (Cáceres). Since its purchase in 1993 this farm enabled the Global Nature Fund to develop agricultural management methods for the conservation of traditional agriculture and livestock in form of a pilot and demonstration project. First, from 1993 to date the Finca has been used as the basis for various conservation programs for indigenous livestock breeds (White Caceres cattle, black merino sheep and black Castilian and blue Estremadura chicken) and, secondly, since 1994, operates a reforestation program.

In 1995 the Global Nature Fund began a program for the conservation of white Caceres cattle (Blanca Cacerena), categorised as "a breed for special protection or endangered of extinction". It is the only native cattle breed of Extremadura, and estimated to have not more than 300 heads.

The black merino sheep was considered almost extinct in Spain in 1994, the date on which the Foundation brought several animals from Portugal to try to recover the population in Spain. With the "Project 2001" the Foundation consolidated a herd of 200 heads in the Finca El Baldio until 2002, when it was loaned to farmers for dissemination in Extremadura. Currently the Foundation keeps only a small herd of black merino on the farm with a view to progressively increase their numbers again.

El Baldio keeps a nucleus herd of 200 indigenous hens of four different Spanish endagered breeds. This core breeding encourages people interested in these breeds.

Infrastructure :

Accomodation , Infos : The hostel has a capacity of 60 beds and community beds in rooms for 2, 4, 8, 10 and 12 people.



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