Swan Lake Farm , RS 26340 Bela Crkva ( last change : 16.03.2011 12:27:00 )

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Swan Lake Farm
Jovan Bradvarovic
Dositejeva 8,
RS- 26340 Bela Crkva
Phone : 00381-13/853 164     00381-60/514 38 20
Email : hunter1@ptt.rs

Swan Lake farm is situated beside the "Deliblatska Special Nature Reserve" where river Karas meets the Danube. It is one of the most idillic places in South Banat some 100 km East of Belgrade in the region of the lakes of Bela Crkva (White Church/Weisskirchen). Here the Carpathians have the Southernmost hills and the Danube goes in gorges through the mountains.

The Farm in the Karas Delta lies on lovely sandy hills with fruit and grape plants.It is a famous hunting and fishing area.

Opening hours :
0 - 24

Admission price :
10 EU per lunch

Offer :
traditional organic food (fish and meet , brendy, vine and juce)

Restaurant, Description :
Groups may be served on request

Infrastructure :
  Picknick  Grillplatz       

Accomodation , Infos : 4 bedrooms in preparation
Dimension : maximum 25 persones



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