Gilic Nursery Konjuh , RS 37254 Konjuh - Krusevac ( last change : 15.05.2014 22:31:10 )

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Gilic Nursery Konjuh
Zvonimir Gilic
RS- 37254 Konjuh - Krusevac
Phone : 00381-37-875-032     00381-63-634-543
Email :

“Gilic Nursery” d.o.o. Konjuh (near Krusevac) has been founded on the longtime family tradition in seedlings production, the one which is longer than a century. Its main activity is production of vine grafts and fruit seedlings. The production of seedlings is under regular expert control and inspection and it uses modern technology. The Nursery produces a wide range of quality seedlings of apple, pear, plum, apricot, peach, nectarine, quince, medlar, cherry, sour cherry, walnut, almond and hazel-tree. We produce quality vine grafts of table sorts, wine sorts for both white and colored wines and sorts of interspecies hybrids.

Vine grafts and fruit seedlings are produced in the valley of The Zapadna Morava, where specific microclimate gives all prerequisite conditions for high quality production of seedlings. The Nursery is located 200 km to the south of Belgrade. It is 35 km away from the highway Belgrade – Skopje.



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